Prudent AI Powered Data Processing

Key Product Features


Simple Set Up

With no templates or long manual setup required, Prudent AI enables easy upload of any document through cloud integrations to automatically import your documents and capture data within minutes.


Automating Data Capture & Processing from any format/document with AI

With AI, Prudent AI performs automatic image pre-processing and delivers superior data extraction consistency across different type of documents whether it is images (.PNG, .TIF, .JPEG), scans or digital files (PDF, CSV, XLS, ODT) or different formats in each document type.


Out-of-the-box advanced invoice processing

With no prior training required, will be able to process invoices and extract header data such as vendor name, invoice ID, date, totals, net, tax number, tax amount.


Human in loop processing

Prudent AI segregates the documents that are processed accurately and completely and flags off the documents which are not processed and the reasons for it, for the human to act on it for further processing.


Process intelligence Reports

Prudent AI provides the opportunity of extracting all the valuable insights on the documents processed such as Receipts, Invoices, Contracts to improve operational efficiencies and reduce any friction that affects the growth of your business.


Download or integrate data easily

Prudent AI allows you to download extracted data in CSV format. If organizations want to send extracted data to any software, can develop seamless API integration into virtually any application software.

Intelligent Approach to Process High Volume & Complex Documents


Imagine invoices data extracted with invoice number, date, total, tax, vendor details and pushing data directly to your accounting software.


Imagine converting bank statement and tax form details into excel in seconds.


Imagine vendor forms / KYC data extracted immediately for quick on-boarding.


Imagine any other documents extracted instantly. Get it custom-built for you. Contact Us.

Case Study

Leading Indian Accounting firm achieves 75% cost saving using Prudent AI’s data processing application for their accounts payable review.

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