Technical Assessment

Task 1:

  1. Perform an EDA of this books dataset & share insights
  2. Build a system to recommend more books to a reader based on a book already selected.


  1. Share the output code in a document
  2. Share the charts / analysis/ output screenshots etc in a document with your remarks.


Dataset can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Task 2:

Parse the given list and provide in a format expected as output. Input and Output data can be downloaded from the link provided below.

  1. Perform validations on date and amount columns
  2. Identify Phone numbers and email id in the list
  3. Find max amount and min amount in the output
  4. Identify Deposits transaction list and withdrawals transaction list separately and all withdrawals should have negative indication.


  1. Share the output code and result excel as zip document

Task 3:

Create React App with minimal UI to list movies from this API.

Functionalities expected:

  1. Get list of movies
  2. Filter locally in Frontend movies matching a search query. ( eg searching Harry Potter should show only harry potter movies from available list without calling API)
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