Prudent AI Powered Oversight

Key Product Features



Black box obfuscation eliminated with our transparent Explainable AI (XAI) feature


Data Consolidation & Standardization

Early consolidation and streamlining quality of required financial data


Customise & be in control

Configure client specific parameters and build your own analysis using our intuitive reporting interface to be in control


Pre-built Audit Libraries

Jumpstart with our pre-built libraries with zero-scripting and zero-training


100% Transactional Analysis

Comprehensive scan across 100% transactional data


Anomaly Pattern Detection

Deep analysis by combining AI/ML algorithms along with statistical methods & traditional tests to identify trends, outliers & hidden patterns in data


Powerful Risk Based Insights

Post analysis, each transaction is risk scored based on failed parameters to help focus on issues that matter


Automate Substantive Testing & Work Papers

AI automates the tests across the entire population and allows auditors to easily download the workpapers from the system. It details the entire mind map of an auditor from the data that was uploaded to tests/analysis performed to issues identified along with charts and visualisations.

The most advanced AI Oversight platform now includes:

General Ledger (GL) AI

GL AI examines and evaluates GL journals of any data size and volume to produce analysis that enhances our auditors’ planning and scoping, understanding of the business, risk assessments and performance of substantive audit procedures. It is helpful in understanding account activity and important changes in the business and identify and define populations of higher risk journal entries.

Payroll AI

The Payroll AI assists with organizing and presenting payroll related data when reviewing payroll as a significant account using payroll subledger data to identify relationship analysis between gross pay and deductions or contributions and other components to identify issues and potential risks, as well as executing substantive procedures.

Purchases & Payables (PP) AI

PP AI examines and evaluates purchases and payables activities to perform detailed analysis of key aspects of the purchase- to-pay cycle to understand vendor attributes and provide insights into the supplier base and assist with the identification of issues and potential risks, as well as executing substantive procedures.

Revenue & Receivables (RR) AI

RR AI examines and evaluates revenue and receivable activity to perform detailed analysis of key aspects of the sales-to- cash cycle to understand key customer attributes including the composition of our clients’ accounts receivable balances, their customers and related risks, and execute substantive procedures.

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Case Study

Leading US accounting firm significantly improved the audit quality for a global food trading corporation (one of the largest distributors in North America) by using Prudent AI Oversight.

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Case Studies

AI-driven Financial Statements audit of a global food trading corporation and one of the largest distributors in North America in multiple food and grocery categories. Complexity included audit of Financial statements of the client with significant entries between entities & reviewing purchase and sales data of more than 10K SKUs.

Transactions Processed

55K Invoices worth ₹3.4B from 25 regions with revenue of $460M.

SKUs: 10,200 SKUs

Outcomes Delivered


transactions with risk scores in 12 parameters


top high risk JE sent for deeper audit review

Productivity Benefits


Sharper insight and dashboard driven testing


Identification of major control gaps


Improved audit quality


Superior audit coverage

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