We believe AI is the superpower that will help audit teams maximize their potential. We want to unlock it for everyone.

The PrudentAI Origin Story

Trust Deficit

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In a fast-changing complex digital world, the value of trust is rising. With increased frauds, scandals & errors in accounting such as Wirecard fiasco, “Trust” is the new priority for Audit function if they want to thrive in a socially conscious and values-driven society and be accountable to Regulators and Capital Markets.

High-quality audits are the start and end point in inspiring confidence and trust across the capital markets.
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The Need to Transform

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Prudent AI - Superpowering Audit Teams

The Need for a Super-Powerful Solution Arises

Due to increased scrutiny by financial regulators, Auditing has become a very stressful and overworked profession. With emerging technologies and new business models creating new risks and Audit functions are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in the business leaving a risk coverage gap.

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Our Journey

Prudent AI Origin Story - Two Pillars of Prudent AI

The Ex2 of EY

At EY, we were working with auditors to support them in managing their workloads & enable them to discover patterns / insights by analysing large volumes of data & deliver quality audits with analytics & tech. Audits became more reliable and outputs changed from verbose documents to elegant dashboards. The Company boards and C suite loved it.

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Our Leap of Faith

The next leap in this journey – PrudentAI

We want to arm Audit Teams with agile data driven approach leveraging the full power of data science (analytics, Machine learning, and AI) to be more intuitive, iterative and celebrate their unique human traits. Technology will enable Audit Teams in near real-time risk monitoring, timely identification of key control failures to instill trust, support confident decision making and ultimately contribute to increased business value.

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Our Commitment

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We are making audits trustworthy to deliver enhanced value to business while making it stress free & efficient.

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Meet the Founders

Prudent AI Co-Founder - Jayendran
Jayendran GS


Chartered Accountant | Data Scientist

Jay is a thinker and problem-solver. He enjoys reading & learning across a wide span of topics. His current interests are Scrabble, visual design, and video games.

Prudent AI Co-Founder - Srikanth
Srikanth Rajaraman


MBA | Tech & Cyber Risk Leader

Sri is heart-led and instinctive. A sports enthusiast and a die-hard Liverpool FC fan. He likes to live a full life – playing badminton, long drives, moonlight treks, or wildlife safaris – he loves it all.

Accounting-tech leaders with 25+ years of combined Big 4 experience.

Managed Global Analytics Centre of Excellence in EY
Built global accounting AI products for EY
Advised clients for building secure SaaS platforms
Built trusted client relationships with Fortune 500 companies

Why you should work with us

About Prudent AI - We boost our clients through a super-powerful partnership
Unique skill mix – Accounting & Data science

We come from an accounting background and understand the challenges faced by top professionals in this domain. Also, we are part of a rare club of accountants that are also data scientists. This unique skill combination gives us the confidence and belief that we can superpower every accountant around the globe with AI.

Transform without stress

Having helped accountants adopt data science and technology for more than two decades, we understand the change management necessary to make this transformation a success. We are building a strong customer success team that hand-holds and helps in adopting changing technology.

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