We believe AI is the superpower that will help accountants maximize their potential. We want to unlock it for everyone.

Meet the Founders


Jayendran GS


Chartered Accountant | Data Scientist


Jay is a thinker and problem-solver. He enjoys reading & learning across a wide span of topics. His current interests are Scrabble, visual design, and video games.


Srikanth Rajaraman


MBA | Tech & Cyber Risk Leader


Sri is heart-led and instinctive. A sports enthusiast and a die-hard Liverpool FC fan. He likes to live a full life- playing badminton, long drives, AR Rahman music, moonlight treks, or tiger safaris - he loves it all.

Apart from Prudent AI, Sri and Jay share a common love for sports and are also regular doubles partners in badminton.

Accounting-tech leaders with 25+ years of combined Big 4 experience.


Managed Global Analytics Centre of Excellence in EY


Built global accounting AI products for EY


Advised clients for building secure SaaS platforms


Built trusted client relationships with Fortune 500 companies

This is why we do it

We have over three decades of combined experience in the accounting domain and are looking to disrupt this space through a SaaS play. From Chennai, India, we bring in a powerful intersection of domain expertise and vigorous passion to give accountants superpowers with applied AI.

As colleagues at a Big4 accounting firm, we saw how accounting teams were stressed by the two-pronged problem of the increase in regulatory requirements and an increase in complex data volumes. We believe that AI technology combined with domain expertise could be the industrial revolution in this people-dependent space with similar gains in quality, cost, and speed. We are building India’s first AI Accounting platform, Prudent AI that superpowers each accountant across the globe.

Why you should work with us


Unique skill mix – Accounting & Data science

We come from an accounting background and understand the challenges faced by top professionals in this domain. Also, we are part of a rare club of accountants that are also data scientists. This unique skill combination gives us the confidence and belief that we can superpower every accountant around the globe with AI.


Transform without stress

Having helped accountants adopt data science and technology for more than two decades, we understand the change management necessary to make this transformation a success. We are building a strong customer success team that hand-holds and helps in adopting changing technology.

Ready to superpower your accounting teams?